Bend it like the Azzurri

We were discussing which sports we enjoy in a recent German class and our conversation turned to the gamesmanship or otherwise displayed during the six nations rugby championship.

We came up with some interesting vocabulary around what is ‘gestattet’, ‘erlaubt’ or ‘verboten’ during play.

To bend the rules is a very typically English phrase, for which probably the best German equivalent might be ‘die Regeln beugen’. But thanks to my trusty Langenscheidt dictionary this morning, I have found a perfect definition for slightly less than sportsmanlike behaviour:

“Die Kunst, mit allen gerade noch erlaubten Tricks zu gewinnen”.



The Site Visit – Vocabulary

die Fabrik – the mill

der Eingang – entrance

In session 8 we learnt vocabulary to help us find our way around the German mill site.

das Büro – office

das Wartezimmer – waiting room

die Kantine – canteen

der Parkplatz – car park

das Warenhaus – warehouse

der Empfang – reception

die Toiletten – the toilets

die Wache – the security gate

Session four: vocabulary

In session four we talked about ourselves and our family a little in German so that we can make small talk during our visit.

These are some of the words we might need:

die Familie   family

die Frau   woman/wife

der Mann   man/husband

der Sohn   son          Söhne  sons

die Tochter   daughter            Töchter    daughters

die Firma    company or firm

der Kollege    colleague

die Arbeit    work  

der Hund    dog

die Katze   cat

Session Two: vocabulary

Here is a selection of the words we learned in session two.  They are all to do with travelling to Germany.

das  Auto


die Autobahn  motorway

der Zug


die Haltestelle (bus/tram) stop

der Bahnhof station

die Straßenbahn tram

das Flugzeug aeroplane

die Fahrkarte ticket

der Paβ passport

das Boot


Session One: vocabulary

First we found out that there were 3 different words for the:  der  die  das

Try to remember whether it’s der, die or das with each new word you learn.  I’m sure you know what all of these words mean.  Use the vocab sheet to help you.

der Mann    man

die Frau      woman

das Kind     child

das Baby    baby

das Haus    house

die Fabrik   factory

das Café    café

der Bahnhof    station

der Supermarkt    supermarket

die Schule    school