Tying together all the loose ends – quizzes

The quizzes are designed to help you revise everything you have learnt over the past nine sessions.

Quiz 1
1. When do you say ‘tschüβ’?
2. How do you reply if someone asks ‘wie heiβen Sie’?
3. When do you say ‘wie, bitte’?
4. What is the German for ‘pleased to meet you’?
5. It’s midnight and you’re leaving a party. What do you say?
6. How do you ask someone how they are?
7. The shop assistant says ‘guten Morgen’. What time of day is it?
8. Fill in the missing numbers: ‘drei, …, fünf, sechs, …, acht.
9. If you order ‘Kaffee mit Milch’ will it be white or black?
10. ’Rotwein, Weiβwein’. Which is red wine?

Quiz 2
1. ‘Noch drei Bier, bitte’. What have you just ordered?
2. Name 2 other alcoholic drinks in German.
3. What will you get if you order drinks ‘mit Sahne’?
4. You want a pot of tea. Do you ask for ‘eine Tasse’?
5. If someone says ‘freut mich’ how do you respond?
6. If someone says ‘ich bin achtzehn Jahre alt’ is he 18 or 80?
7. You want a chemist’s. Is it ‘Bahnhof’, ‘Apotheke’ or ‘Bank’?
8. How do you say I don’t understand in German?
9. When would you say ‘nicht so schnell, bitte’?
10. Would you say ‘was kostet’ or ‘was kosten’ to ask the price of a) eine Ananas b) 5 Brötchen c) eine Dose Cola?

Quiz 3
1. At the market how would you ask if they have tomatoes?
2. How many Cent are there in a Euro?
3. If a ‘Schinkenbrötchen’ is a ham roll, how would you ask for a tomato one?
4. How much wine would you get in a ‘Viertelliterglas’.
5. If you asked for ‘zehn Orangen’ what would you expect to get?
6. Would you buy ‘Apfelsaft’ in ‘eine Dose’, ‘ein Päckchen’ or ‘ein Karton’?
7. Which day of the week follows ‘Dienstag’?
8. How would you say that’s nice in German?
9. What is the shop assistant telling you: ‘wir sind mittwochs geschlossen’?
10. What are you asking if you say ‘wann ist Frühstück’?

Quiz 4
1. What do you do if someone asks ‘wie schreibt man das’?
2. If someone says ‘Entschuldigung’ what could that mean?
3. What do you say at the start of a meal in Germany?
4. In what order do these appear on a menu: ‘Nachspeise’, ‘Vorspeise’, ‘Hauptgericht’?
5. How do you tell someone that you enjoyed your meal?
6. Which of these would a vegetarian choose: ‘Hähnchen’, ‘Zwiebelsuppe’ or ‘Schinkenomelett’?
7. When do you say ‘das ist für Sie’?
8. What does it mean if today is ‘Ruhetag’?
9. How do you know when a theatre is closed?
10.What’s the German word for midnight?

Quiz 5
1. What would you expect to find near a sign saying ‘erste Hilfe’?
2. If the waiter asks ‘sonst noch etwas’ how do you reply?
3. What would you buy in a ‘Flasche’?
4. Your meeting starts at ‘halb vier’. What time is that?
5. If someone asks ‘wie geht’s’ how do you respond?
6. How do you say 199 in German?
7. Give your partner your car number in German.
8. What is ‘Schwarzwälderkirschtorte’? Can you pronounce it?
9. How many different meanings do you know for ‘bitte schön’?
10. Wie ist das Wetter heute in England?