The stroodlesoo blog is here to support you as you further your learning of German or French.  You’ll find lots of handy hints and tips as well as links to on-line courses, audio and video clips to supplement what you’re already learning in class.  If you can’t find what you need, please let stroodlesoo know.  You can also post comments, tell us about the apps you use and add links you find useful.

Enjoy learning!



5 thoughts on “Welcome to stroodlesoo!

  1. Regret cannot make it to German conversation tonight at Sir Robert Pattinson. Will you be recommending another BBC German text

  2. Have I found a proofing error in BBC Talk German Book 2 on page 12? In exercise 1., German phrase (a), does the adjective `deutsche` agree with the grammatical inflection rules?

    1. Hi, Stephen
      No typo there, I’m afraid! Das deutsche Bier is correct and follows the same rule as ‘das blaue Messer’ in my ‘der, die, das’ PowerPoint. Definite article, neuter, plus adjective, accusative case. But great questioning!
      Best wishes,

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