Did you know that this is a whole area of learning?

If you’re worried that you don’t understand some of the grammatical terms used in German lessons, or you can’t relate them to your own language, you’re certainly not alone.

Stroodlesoo will do her best to explain the grammatical terms needed to get to grips with the structure of the German language and, wherever possible, we will continue to learn contextual phrases so that we really don’t need to worry too much about all those grammar rules.

So now you can stop worrying if you didn’t learn English grammar at school. Lots of us didn’t!

If (and only IF!) you’d like to explore the subject further, there are some excellent materials available, including this little book, called “Engish Grammar for Students of German”, by Cecile Zorach and Charlotte Melin. ISBN: 0-340-74199-6. It’s widely available to buy online and in book shops. I also have a copy, which students are very welcome to borrow.

English Grammar for Students of German 6th Ed. by Cecile Zorach and Charlotte Melin


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