Now we can count in German we can also tell the time.

Here’s the question to ask:

Wie spät ist es, bitte?   What time is it, please?

and here’s how the answer will start:

Es ist … Uhr … .    It is … o’clock.     

We learned the 24 hour clock, but we also learned the more conventional way of telling the time using

nach and vor  (past and to)

including Viertel nach  and Viertel vor   (quarter past and quarter to)

Then we covered:

Es ist Mittag / Mitternacht   (midday / midnight)

and, finally

halb  (half past)

Can you remember the crazy thing about halb which made me miss the beginning of all those films when I first went to live in Germany?

Here’s Henning, talking on the BBC about telling the time in German.  Enjoy! Henning Wehn tells the time


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